AI Sucks and you probably shouldn't use it.

Recently I read two blog posts, and it made me realize I haven’t really read any for a while before that. The two posts were by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. They happen to run a podcast together but that isn’t why I clicked. I clicked on their posts when I ignore so many others because I care about what these two say. Because of the many things these two have done/written/posted they have secured a spot in my brain as people to listen to. When they have something to say, there is a chance I will find it valuable.

We don’t read to obtain facts, we read to absorb experience.

This isn’t a post about how great those two are though. This is a post about how much AI sucks. The easiest way for Chris or Dave to get me to never click on their posts again would be to start churning out content created by an AI. You might think I am wrong about that, and if you do I wan’t you to go and read the two posts I read and ask yourself “Is it currently possible for AI to write these posts?”. You will immediately concede it isn’t, but the more avid AI fans among you might argue “It can’t write them from scratch but it could help Chris/Dave write them, or to expand on their thoughts.” I don’t think that is really true either though. Those two posts are uniquely human. For Chris, he is writing about how he feels after making an incredibly hard decision that had less than stellar consequences on a community he loves. Dave happened to share real insight humans will often lie and obscure because it sounds a bit odd. To come out and say “Just make shit so I can have you come ramble for an hour about it because content is hard to make” is an insight you will only get from a real creator. If you ask AI to write you this post you will probably get some top 10 list about the importance of consistency, or networking, or some other platitude we have all heard a thousand times. Compare that to the realness of Dave’s post and I think it is obvious which has more value.

AI isn’t going to take your job, someone who uses AI will.

The next point you will make is “Well, Dave could write most of it and drive the AI so it can work as an assistant and improve the writing.” I don’t think that is true either. I actually played around with this post and ChatGPT to “fact check” my own beliefs. When I ask ChatGPT to improve his post it actually doesn’t make many changes, and the ones it does make cheapens it. The biggest change it makes happens right at the beginning. It actually changes the line “Already be talking about something.” to “Be actively engaged in conversations.”. Which highlights something I point out about AI all the time, it doesn’t understand shit. When I read “Already be talking about something” I think “Have a passion you are sharing and can come share with my audience” which the rest of the post re-affirms. When I read “Be actively engaged in conversations.” I think “Be an active listener and good conversationalist” which his post touches on kind of, but it isn’t the point. As usual AI misses the nuance and railroads over it with its “helpful” edit.

A war against the chatbots.

I notice this constantly when I try to use AI in my own life, and I think I have gathered enough of my own evidence to definitively say this shit sucks and all the people hyping it are kind of delusional. I won’t be using AI in any capacity when it comes to writing going forward. This goes for blogs, social media, website copy, and anything else I would have say down and written from my own brain before. Rest assured if you bother to read anything I wrote, the little meat computer in my skull was the only thing pushing dumb thoughts out.