You can teach yourself how to code and get a job in Software Development

Yes, you… whoever you are.

I promise if you got yourself to this webpage and are reading this sentence then I think you have what it takes to teach yourself the fundamentals of programming, get yourself a remote job and change your life.

How do I know? Because I did it, and I have helped several other people like yourself do it.

Programming for the web is not as intimidating as you may think, it’s just very different from the things you normally do. This feeling of strangeness, of unfamiliarity, is often mistaken for difficulty. People often get overwhelmed long before they start.

Programming is not rocket science, it’s a martial art.

Anyone with enough dedication can be a blackbelt in most martial arts schools. You could probably even form your own dojo pretty quickly into learning (relative to other careers) and start teaching other people your art. this is true for martial arts, it’s true for web development, and it’s not even close to true about rocket science.

All it takes to become a programmer is the focus, dedication, and the will to become a programmer.

Why would I want to learn to program?

Good question, I have found this is different for everyone. At least a little bit. For me it was two things, the money and freedom to work remotely. but more than that, for me I was feeling trapped. That the mistakes I made when I was young doomed me to a life of shitty jobs, with the only hope of escape being making my own business, but its a little hard to start a business while fighting homelessness. For me, programming was a way out, a last-ditch effort to reach for a ledge as I fell off a cliff.

If any of that speaks to you then I have good news, there is a cliff and it is not a get rich quick scheme or some crazy scheme. It is just an in-demand trade that if you put in the work to learn, you can secure a job for, but unlike other trades, you can learn this completely online from home.

This might be the first time you are ever hearing this about programming. You may think of programming as something only super smart, super nerdy people do. Or it is only for those privileged enough to have a path to getting an engineering degree. This is simply not true.

I am a High School dropout, turned College dropout, turned moderately successful web developer.

One day maybe I will even be a very successful web developer, and maybe you will be too.

Ok but how do I start?

I am working on a series of courses to make this as easy as possible, so that you can start getting paid to make sites. Get started with the Intro to The Web which will work as a primer to set you up for success. The rest of the course is designed to get you up to speed with a fully modern tech stack with as direct of a learning path as possible.

When I was learning how to code it was very difficult to pick a path, as I wanted to learn all the right things as fast as possible which is a pretty tricky thing to pull off. Often you should take a step back and dive deep in fundamentals, other times it makes sense to bulldoze towards the goal. My motivation for creating this course is to lay all that out as plainly as possible so that you can get productive making websites as fast as possible without putting yourself into a bad spot.