Technomancy is a personal blog for Levi. It has taken on many forms before and this is the current edition. It just underwent a re-write so some content is missing, and will hopefully be back soon.

Remaking Technomancy in Astro.

This is an issue about the creation of the technonomicon an Astro theme for publishing content in markdown. It will cover things like my motivation for making this, and why I made it into a theme for other people to use.

It will update over time, please check back in with it.

Origins of the technonomicon.

This blog has taken on many forms in the past, and has usually stayed pretty limited. It just kindof hung out for years as a blog with exploding blog posts that I almost never added to. I would go back and forth thinking how to improve it in a way that would make me want to write. One of the ways, as mentioned was to create blog posts that self destructed when I wrote more. This birthed a weird idea for a way to make content that is meant to be temporary, and it created an incentive to check the blog to see what you could read today. The idea was decent but it didn’t encourage me to write.

The birth of the self destructing blog.

This post will self destruct.

They all mentioned self destructing with a simple bomb tag like this. This was to remind others and myself that unlike most content on the web, this site was temporary.

What was spellbook?

Something interesting still came out of this idea though. I wanted the front page of the blog to show a few articles, just the beginnings though, so that you could get enticed to read this self destructing article. This lead to me wanting the mdx from the article to show through too. Since it used rough notation to highight words and stuff. This lead to me making a tool only I ever used called spellbook. It technically powers at the moment, and used to power this site. Only this one continued to use that feature. Self destructing posts were not that fun to write, I tried to view them like tweets, but they just felt like a waste of time to write. I needed a way to use this mdx superpower for long lasting content.

Content built to grow over time with issues and articles.

When planning my next design for my blog I ended up on this idea of a newspaper. It was inspired by just the design of one at first, but then I realized that way my site was built, sharing mdx files between routes, also kindof matched the spirit of a newspaper. A newspaper publishes issues, and these are big eye catching pages that essentially direct you to other content. Sometimes this content is all on the page it starts on, but often it isn’t. Often you will have to turn to some other page to complete an article. This made me realize something about newspapers, and their relationship to the web.

Websites used to look pretty different from how they do now. Early in the web it was just a bunch of unstyled documents linked together. If you are technical, it was just HTML This would cause people to use some pages as little glossaries for other pages. Often it was just a list of titles of related pages. However sometimes it would be other ways of dipslaying the link. Take for existance the home page of The old space jam site which is clearly inspired by a solar system on the home page and then turns into Link collections If you want to learn more about this check out this post by Amy Hoy which is what I read years ago that formed the foundations of this idea.

One quote from that post is more poignant to me than ever.

A well-organized homepage was a sign of personal and professional pride — even if it was nothing but a collection of fun gifs, or instructions on how to make the best potato guns, or homebrew research on gerbil genetics.

I guess I set out to make a way of creating well oragnized homepages. But with new homepages for different content. And these would be called issues. Your home page could display an issue. And that issue you display could change over time (Newspaper style) or never change (Course style).

This lead to me creating the technonomicon an astro theme currently in alpha for publishing content this way.

Read more about why I made this