Going all in

It has been just over a month since I wrote the last blog post. That is a far cry from the daily writitng I hope to progress to. Still, it is better than I have been doing for the past year. part of that has been do to the lingering call of the self destructing blog, part of that is because things are changing for me.

I put in my two weeks notice at my job, and after October 7th I will be working on jamstack.consulting full time. That is honestly really scary to say. I hope I am able to accomplish everything I hope to, but much more than that I hope I don't fail miserably and wind up on the street or some shit.

It is really scary starting this, and unfortunately even though I advise everyone to do the opposite, I don't have a meaningful public portfolio. I have already run into that problem. One of the startups I did a lot of work for and used to use as an example of some of my better work has since pivoted their product. In doing so they changed the marketing site I built them, a marketing site that also had great screenshots and a thorough explanation of the Analytics dashboard I had built for them. It fucking sucks to not have that to point to anymore and is one of the biggest reasons you should make a portfolio filled with apps you control.

otherwise *poof* one day you go to send your best piece to someone and it is a fucking elementor site.

This was supposed to be an upbeat post about how excited I am to start my agency. So it goes I suppose.