How this blog works.

I find it is proper time to explain how the hell this thing works. This portion of my site is intended to encourage me to write as close to daily as I can get to. This stems from a very strange challenge I engaged in a few years back where I attempted to write a blog post every day.

I didn't really "succeed" I stopped writing at day 17. I don't think I "failed" though either, I just wanted to write every day until I didn't. Some what like forest gump I guess, but with way less follow through. I was going through a lot at the time. My wife was having some health issues and honestly I could use a bit of a distraction. At the time I said things like "I wanted to see what it was like to have to ship something everyday" but really I just wanted to think about something else.

I did learn some things through this experience though. Like that some people like when I write random posts about whatever I have on my mind in the moment, and some people really don't. Specifically that experience with her telling me to not finish the challenge if that was the quality of writing it produced is what made me think:

If I am writing daily, I don't want just any asshole to come across and judge it.

I wanted it to be for a specific group, those who were in on the experiment. Those who think it is ok to just write to write some times. And I consume a lot of twitch and youtube, so I understand why people like to read a short little blurb into another persons life.

This prompted me to build a UI for a fictional app called "Blubber" with a whale mascot, the premise was basically "what if there was an app like twitter where every tweet blew itself up after 3 days". Pretty much a snapchat twitter lovechild.

This eventually led me to the idea of the self destructing blog. It only keeps the last 4 posts, when the 5th post is written and published (aka the next post) you will no longer be able to read the first post it is more or less gone forever. Unless I take up necromancy for real I suppose.

These posts are not written to be necessarily helpful, they are not some SEO play, they are not made with the goal of teaching you anything. It is writing for the sake of writing, and if that is your thing then be sure to check back often and get a feel for my current mental state at any moment. Don't however come here expecting great insights into the development world, and if you get those consider it a tasty little treat you found. You can expect to find the exact type of post that made that one reader tell me to quit the challenge.