Something fucky is afoot

I have come to the conclusion that something fucky is most certainly afoot. Since my last post (read it quick before it's gone forever) I came across a more permenant post by the always wonderful Dave Rupert and it has made me realize something important, we are being squeezed.

And all this squeezing, well, it's taking all our juice. and we all know, you either juice it or lose it. and I think we all might be losing it a little. We are losing our drive, our passion and most important of all our weirdness no need to click. The link is dead, just like our chances of finding anything worthwile in this digital wasteland.

And to me it's clear what is happening. Read Daves post and ask yourself Is this an environment a creative person would thrive in? I think the answer to that is pretty clear. Honestly it is astounding how much creative shit still gets made for the web in this mess of an industry.

I wanted to write more for this post but it has been sitting as a draft all weekend which kinda defeats the whole "reckless abandonment" self destructing blog ethos. 🚀

I added fathom to the site so now I can see if anyone reads these. 👀